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The world needs you! You are special.

Now more than ever our world needs us. We have chosen to be alive on earth during this time of change. You are YOUnique! You are special, and you are

Why Are We On Earth? What Is The Matrix?

Today I channeled some profound messages from Spirit, and I am really excited to share them with you! In this April 2022 Energy Update, I ask Spirit the following questions:

How To Manifest Abundance

It’s time to shift into the higher frequencies of abundance. Abundance of love, light, joy, health, wealth and vitality exists within your aura, all you need to do is believe

2022 brings beautiful changes and YOU are supported by the ANGELS

Recently I have noticed that there are more and more angels shining light on us. I asked my guides and guardian angel why this is happening and they explained that 2022 is

Are You Sensitive To Other People’s Energy?

This newsletter is for all the sensitive souls and empaths. I have some tools and insights to support you. As we flow through January 2022 please take time to rest. Do not

What Is Your Number And How It Awakens You To Your Soul Purpose?

In this month’s newsletter I teach you how to work out your Life Path number, Destiny number and find out what your Soul purpose is. I also share with you a powerful ritual to release old

Learn Why Miracles Exist

Welcome to my second-ever newsletter. All of my newsletters are channeled by me, my guides, the angels and spirit, and I am creating them to inspire you, empower you, and send you

How To Raise Your Vibration?

I am filled with joy and great excitement to be connecting with you. I have been super charged with energy throughout September, and have been guided to create a monthly

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