Now more than ever our world needs us. We have chosen to be alive on earth during this time of change.

You are YOUnique! You are special, and you are needed.

When you are living your full potential you vibrate light, and this light spreads across the world. This light increases the frequency of the planet.

What is standing in the way of reaching your full potential? What is blocking joy?

Here is a tool to clear some old energies, so that you can live a life of joy:

✨Find a quiet space to sit and close your eyes.
✨ Bring your awareness into your heart.
✨ Breathe in and out of your heart. You are focusing all your energy into your heart.
✨ Visualise a bright white flame in your heart.
✨ As you breathe in, you bring all your stuck emotions, negative beliefs about yourself, others & the world into the white burning flame.
✨ As you breathe out you watch how the flame burns and releases these old energies. These energies move outwards and are cleared from you.
✨ After all the clearing, bring your focus back into your heart. Now there is a bright pink flame of love glowing within.
✨ Focus your breath and awareness on the pink flame within your heart. You are connecting to the abundance of love of the universe.
✨ When you feel lighter and filled with love and peace, you can open your eyes & come fully back.
✨ Take a moment to drink some water, have a stretch and enjoy the rest of your day.

As you become lighter, so does our planet!

If you would like to do more work on yourself, please join my Manifesting From Within 1 hour workshop:

With love, light and abundance to you,



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