I offer the following healing modalities, both online and in person

Intuitive Reiki Healing & Channelling

Guided healing session where I connect with your energy and pick up messages, while healing and balancing your chakras and energy as a whole, as well as removing blockages from past experiences or beliefs that may be holding you back. Many messages may come through and you will receive exactly what you need. This healing works on the body, mind, emotional and spiritual levels. You can also ask questions and I will channel the answers for you.

Soul Regression

A guided visualisation, meditation and healing where I guide you into past lives, other dimensions and realms, where you will be shown exactly what your soul requires in order to heal and grow. This session helps you to heal and release any stuck energy that may be holding you back in life. You may experience reconnections to your soul family, guides and the frequency of energy that you come from. You are able to look into your Akashic records while I channel light and energy to support you.

Generational Healing

Not only are our physical features passed down from generation to generation but we also unconsciously carry the mental, emotional and spiritual energies of our ancestors too. It is our responsibility to heal ourselves so that future generations can begin their incarnation with a clean clear slate filled with opportunity and light. As we increase our own vibration through healing we help the earth to increase her vibration too. This is a powerful healing to set you and your ancestors free.

Channelled Guidance

Channelled answers to your questions and guidance into how to move forward in your life. I will channel what you need as I connect with your soul. Your soul may guide me to heal and balance your energy which may lead me into using tools such as meditation, breathwork, regression and reiki. You can ask as many questions as you are drawn to and I will channel the answers for you.

Couples Sessions

Channelled answers to your questions and guidance into how to move forward in your life. I connect with your souls which guide me to heal, balance and channel spiritual insights. You may ask many questions. This session helps you to understand yourself as well as bringing a deeper understanding of how each of you experience life on earth, how you function energetically as a couple, and this session opens you up to a deeper level of connecting through energy and love.

Feed your Soul group sessions

A group session where we come together in meditation, connection and light. These sessions include energetic balancing, discussion and learning, channelling on a certain topic, tools and connecting to your soul. We feed our bodies every day, it is equally important to feed our souls. As we come together as a group we raise our vibration and shine brighter together as a whole.

Blessings & Vow Renewals

With over 20 years of experience as a healer and guide, I connect with you, the couple, and through love and soul connection, I can channel a beautiful ceremony for you. I perform water and earth rituals which connect you, the couple, through nature.


Reiki has existed since the creation of the Universe. It is universal light. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) healing is an ancient healing that was rediscovered in Japan in the late 1800’s by a Japanese Buddhist, called Dr Mikao Usui. The Usui system of Reiki is a very powerful healing technique whereby the reiki healer, who has been attuned to reiki, channels the energy into their crown, through their heart and out of their hands, sending this high frequency light through time and space. The client receives this energy in an instant, bringing them vitality, balance and light.

Rei means Universal, and Ki means energy. Universal Energy.



Absolutely everything is made up of energy. This means that the things that we think are solid are actually energy moving at a slower speed. It all depends on frequency. Matter resonates at a lower and slower frequency than light or sound.

Our physical bodies and aura (energetic layer that surrounds us) are also made up of energy vibrating at a particular frequency. Therefore when an Intuitive Healer channels light and reiki, they bring through a high frequency and this energy is used to shift and clear out old, stuck or blocked energy, leaving the client feeling light, centred and balanced.



The myofascial system, which links all parts of the body, sends energy to all cells. This is how the cells communicate with one another, through energy.

The myofascial system has seven major points which hold a lot of energy. These seven points are known as the seven major chakras.

There are more fascia, nerves and channels of energy in each of the chakras. The chakras communicate with one another and the rest of the body. They also control the energy sent to organs, glands, tissues and cells. In most reiki treatments the areas where the practitioner works the most, are the seven major chakras. The healer channels reiki light to the chakras bringing balance, health and vitality to body, mind and soul.