Guided healing session where I connect with your energy and pick up messages, while healing and balancing your chakras and energy as a whole, as well as removing blockages from past experiences or beliefs that may be holding you back. Many messages may come through and you will receive exactly what you need. This healing works on the body, mind, emotional and spiritual levels. You can also ask questions and I will channel the answers for you.

Here are some of the things that you could experience in a session, both remotely and in person: 

Chakra cleansing, balancing & realigning; clearing of emotional, mental or physical blocks; detoxification of the chakras; cutting cords; stimulating the energy system as a whole; releasing anxiety and stress; moving into a state of peace and relaxation of the body, mind & soul; spiritual guidance and support; connecting to your soul purpose; tools to help you on your healing journey; grounding; protection; and increasing your vitality, health and wellness.

I am intuitively guided where to work on your body and energy system through hands-on and distance reiki and holistic healing. Each session is unique and can include many different aspects of healing, growth and change.

I work with crystals, aromatherapy oils and sound healing. Many of my clients are able to experience a high frequency state of love and enlightenment, and are empowered by the tools that I channel especially for them.