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I am a Reiki Master Teacher, teaching courses in Reiki First Degree, Second Degree and Master & Holistic Healing. I am also trained in Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki®.  I have channelled and created my own teaching manuals for all levels. Courses include more than universal healing, they connect you to the light, angelic flow and love which is abundantly available to us all. I love sharing the gift of Reiki and I am here to support you.

Manifesting from Within $35


The key to manifesting is to go within and find the root. What actually is it that you are wanting? Sometimes you have to do a little digging, so that you can find the truth. On the surface you might be looking to have more money, a new home, a relationship or another outer achievement. It is time to go deeper within.

Join me now in learning how to manifest abundance, love, health, wealth and joy in a powerful and positive way. 

Reiki First Degree $240


Reiki level I includes the history of reiki, chakras, auras, hands-on-healing techniques, self-healing, archangels, specific Kanji hand positions for connecting with different energies & light, meditation, growth and support as you connect to this higher frequency.

Reiki I is about personal growth, and you will learn to be comfortable practicing on yourself, friends and family. You will be trained in healing, while staying open to whatever else comes through. As our souls connect, you will receive more than a Reiki certification. You will be guided and supported by me and the angels throughout the course.


Reiki Second Degree $260


This is an empowering course, with deepening your intuition and opening you as a stronger channel for reiki love and light. You will learn and receive the powerful Reiki symbols. You will be trained in distance healing as well as many of the other Usui Reiki healing techniques. I also teach the Surrogate Method, Reiki for animals and Byosen Scanning. I guide you through deeply healing meditations and visualisations and you will receive many tips and tools for healing your own clients in-person and remotely.

After this course, you will be confident in practicing on others in person and through time and space, including animals too.

Reiki Masters $290


With your Reiki Masters you will be empowered with the Reiki Master symbol, and Reiki Master attunement. You will learn many Usui healing meditations, tools and techniques, along with other sacred Japanese techniques. You will receive guidance on how to do remote Reiki healing sessions as well as in-person healing treatments. Psychic surgery, Cord cutting & clearing are also taught in this course.

You will be fully supported by me throughout the training as you connect to this high frequency light.

This is not just a Reiki Master certification. This is a life transformation. This is a course to empower you, the healer, into helping others, which will change their life.

Reiki Masters & Holistic Healing $644


Reiki Masters & Holistic Healing is an all-encompassing course. You will learn more than Reiki. The course includes learning the Reiki Master symbol and other healing & meditation symbols, visualisations, Reiki Master healing techniques, other Japanese healing techniques, colour therapy, mandalas, white light, violet breath, psychic surgery, cord cutting, crystal healing, Ayurveda, the 12 chakras and the Archangels.

The Reiki Master Attunement will increase your healing ability and expand your intuition. This course will give you the tools, techniques and support that you need so that you can start your own Reiki Practice and spread universal light wherever you go. If you feel drawn to working with reiki, crystals, angels, colours and light, and you have already completed Reiki First and Second Degree, then this course is right for you.


Reiki has existed since the creation of the Universe. It is universal light. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) healing is an ancient healing that was rediscovered in Japan in the late 1800’s by a Japanese Buddhist, called Dr Mikao Usui. The Usui system of Reiki is a very powerful healing technique whereby the reiki healer, who has been attuned to reiki, channels the energy into their crown, through their heart and out of their hands, sending this high frequency light through time and space. The client receives this energy in an instant, bringing them vitality, balance and light.

Rei means Universal, and Ki means energy. Universal Energy.



Absolutely everything is made up of energy. This means that the things that we think are solid are actually energy moving at a slower speed. It all depends on frequency. Matter resonates at a lower and slower frequency than light or sound.

Our physical bodies and aura (energetic layer that surrounds us) are also made up of energy vibrating at a particular frequency. Therefore when an Intuitive Healer channels light and reiki, they bring through a high frequency and this energy is used to shift and clear out old, stuck or blocked energy, leaving the client feeling light, centred and balanced.



The myofascial system, which links all parts of the body, sends energy to all cells. This is how the cells communicate with one another, through energy.

The myofascial system has seven major points which hold a lot of energy. These seven points are known as the seven major chakras.

There are more fascia, nerves and channels of energy in each of the chakras. The chakras communicate with one another and the rest of the body. They also control the energy sent to organs, glands, tissues and cells. In most reiki treatments the areas where the practitioner works the most, are the seven major chakras. The healer channels reiki light to the chakras bringing balance, health and vitality to body, mind and soul.

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