This past week while staring into space (this is often how I meditate) I received a message from my guides. The message came in the form of a question… How can you truly feel free?

When this question came in, I noticed a subtle vibration in my body and then the answer came pouring through….

When you focus ahead you lose a piece of your energy & light to a time/space continuum beyond the Now.  When you look behind, you send it backwards into a space where consciousness no longer needs to go.

When you centre your mind in the Now, a sense of liberation flows within. You are only trapped by levels of your mind. True freedom exists within you. Your soul is the vibration of freedom. You have free will to choose. You can choose to be here Now. So be… here… Now.

I love this saying, it is so true:

Where your focus goes, your energy flows

Tool for you to live in the now: When your mind takes you on a journey, gently guide it back to the here and the now. Focus on your breath. Notice what you sense through your 5 senses. Smell. Feel. Taste. Listen. Look around. You are a soul. You are light. You are free. Choose to be here, now.

I also received a message about the amount of energy and light that is available to us through the earth. And I was told by my guides that on the 4th of May and 20th of May there is a great opportunity to connect to the electric & nurturing golden light within the earth.

Do it today! Go stand outside. Focus on your feet and feel the electric nurturing light of the earth.

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