Welcome to my second-ever newsletter. All of my newsletters are channeled by me, my guides, the angels and spirit, and I am creating them to inspire you, empower you, and send you love, light and support.

When I connected to Spirit for this November newsletter I received so many magnificent insights. 

To begin I would like to share with you a powerful message that was channeled through me. As you read it, pay attention to any sensations, light or vibrations that you may feel in your body or aura. It is a powerful message that can be felt as well as heard and understood. 

Channeled Message

You are a soul. You are a light. You are this before you are anything else. You have an incredible opportunity here right now while you are on earth.

You have the ability to create through your mind and thoughts and actions. You have the ability to tap into the magnificence.

Look around you. Nothing is normal. Nothing should be accepted as normal or taken for granted because it’s not normal. It’s incredible! 

It’s a miracle. It’s an absolute miracle that we, spirit, created a universe and this earth.

Look at the plants. It’s not normal for a seed to grow into a tree. That’s a miracle. Look within. It’s not normal that your heart is pumping without you even having to think about it. That’s a miracle. It’s not normal that you eat some food and your intelligent body digests it without any thought.

This is all pointing to a miracle. Some great intelligence that is beautifully designing a flow that is so perfect. It’s beyond what we can fathom with our intellectual mind. It’s spirit. It’s a miracle and it’s what we truly are.

We are spirit first. We are first a soul, a light, condensed into a human body with an incredibly powerful mind which gets to feel and experience through the senses. This is a miracle. When we see it in this way, we remember who and what we are, and something shifts. We start to experience pure love and bliss.

We come from beyond this dimension. We go back to it when we die. We are here for a short time. We have chosen to be here now. This is a miracle.

When you start to see life as a miracle, seeing the magic and beauty in everything, then you start to live a high frequency life and this, yes this, is why we are here. We are not here to walk around with our eyes closed, just plodding along, thinking that life is happening to us. No.

We are the creators, we are spirit, we are light. Just stop and realise this. This is not normal. This is absolutely incredible.

We have the power and light to make beautiful things happen. We have the love within us to love everyone and everything because we come from love. We are love.

Let’s see the miracle of what’s happening and let’s shine brighter. Let’s be the souls that we are. Let’s never forget.

Let’s come together in love and gratitude.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for being awake to this miracle.

I love you.

Every time I read it, I feel waves of goosebumps. Save it somewhere to read it often so that it can remind you of the soul that you are. 

I am very excited because on the 15th of December I am celebrating 40 years on planet earth!

I am also grateful to have my family visiting from England. So this means that I will be taking a few weeks off from 1 on 1 sessions as well as group sessions. My last sessions for 2021 are on the 11th of December. I will be back in January 2022, I will announce the exact date through social media and these newsletters.

I love channeling Full Moon messages, New Moon meditations and Energy Updates on my YouTube. Please subscribe so that you receive a message every time I upload a video. 

October was an amazingly busy month with lots of 1on1 sessions, group sessions and I also taught Reiki Masters & Holistic Healing, as well as an online Reiki Level 1 online course. 

Some of my students said and wrote this to me, and I feel inspired to share it with you:

“Just finished my Reiki Masters Degree & Holistic Healing courses with Natalie Namaste. Truly an amazing experience. I highly recommend Natalie, she is an incredibly talented natural healer and teacher. Here’s to spreading universal light and energy across our planet.”

“I have now completed three life changing courses facilitated by Natalie as well as having had a couple of one-on-one sessions. After each encounter I am always left in awe and humbled by her loving light, her knowledge and her authenticity. Natalie truly is a gift to humanity. Her joy for life is infectious and her love contagious. Being in her presence inevitably leaves one feeling that little bit lighter, brighter and more joyous.”

“Beautiful days. Also a very special group, I feel blessed for the experience and having connected with all of you. Thank you Natalie for your light, love and amazing guidance. I am very thankful for you.”

I will be running Reiki level 1, 2 and masters online courses next year. Send me a message via email if you are interested in any or all of these, so that I can save a space for you. 

New Moon is on 4th November and 4th December. Join me for a powerful pre-recorded meditation. Actually you can practice this meditation daily, not just for the new moon! I practice this meditation often and it helps me to maintain a deep connection to the universe, my soul, my guides and all the beings of light. Enjoy it. It is here for you to grow spiritually. 

So before I love and leave you for this moment, please close your eyes and absorb all the light that I am sending to you. Take the deepest breath in, allow all the muscles in your body to relax, open your palms up to the sky, and receive all of the love and light that I am sending you.



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