In this month’s newsletter I teach you how to work out your Life Path number, Destiny number and find out what your Soul purpose is. I also share with you a powerful ritual to release old stuck energy, manifest abundance, and maintain balance through connecting with the elements as we move into 2022. 

If you have been following me on Instagram, you would have noticed that I have been sharing channeled numbers. I woke up at 05:55 one morning and I asked spirit what the 5’s meant. As I sat down to channel the answer, a flood of number meanings came through, and I ended up with messages and meanings for numbers 0 – 13. Plus Master Numbers 11, 22, 33, 44 and 88.

Spirit also explained Mirror numbers, e.g. 13:31 and Focused numbers e.g. 15:15.

So many people have been seeing 11:11 lately. The channeled message for ELEVEN is…

If you are seeing doubles, triples or multiples of the same number, or if you are seeing the same number regularly, then it is a sign that the universe wants you to pay attention, be present and observe what is happening in that exact moment. 

Also it is important for you to receive the message that the number holds especially when it is being amplified. E.g: 13:33.

You can find all of my channeled numbers in my Instagram Highlights called NUMBERS or on my Facebook.

Use the table and examples below to work out your Life Path number, Destiny number and Soul Purpose.

Life Path number: The energy that drives you. What inspires you. Your desires. Your motivation in life. Calculated by adding all the numbers of your date of birth. 

Destiny number: Your character and inner strength. How you express yourself. How you are viewed by others. Your goals and how to vibrate in order to achieve them. Calculated by using the table to calculate your full birth name as a number. 

Soul Purpose number: Why you are here. Your true purpose and focus of your soul. Calculated by adding your Life Path number and Destiny number. 

Follow the following steps:



Next, take your full birth name using the Pythagorean Numerology Table.

I am also grateful to have my family visiting from England. So this means that I will be taking a few weeks off from 1 on 1 sessions as well as group sessions. My last sessions for 2021 are on the 11th of December. I will be back in January 2022, I will announce the exact date through social media and these newsletters.

Sometimes we change our names or we have a nickname. This nickname represents the vibration and path that you are currently on. When you change your name you change your current vibration and path. You can use your nickname to work out your current vibration number. Use the table in the same way that you worked out your full birth name. 

Your full birth name and birthdate hold your soul purpose. Your soul purpose is your inner reason for coming to earth. You have many reasons to be here and you choose to have thousands of experiences. At the very core of your energy is your soul and your soul wants to evolve and vibrate at a higher frequency. In order to achieve this, you have a specific soul purpose. Learn what this is by adding your Life Path number with your Destiny number = Soul Purpose Number. 



This represents the path that Luna is currently on, or what she should focus on, or what she may be experiencing. 

You will find the meanings of the numbers in my Instagram Highlights under Numbers, on my Instagram feed (make sure you save them) or on my Facebook page: Natalie Namaste.

11; 22; 33; 44 and 88 are Master Numbers. If you work out that your number is either one of these, then you do not need to add the two numbers together to get a single number. Instead look up the meaning of the Master Number. All other numbers get reduced down to one single number. 


⁣In December 2021, take time to practice this ritual. It will help to release old stuck energy, preserve the energy that you want to carry forward, and manifest with good intention. 

WHAT YOU NEED: paper, pen, water in a container that can be frozen, twig/stick/matchstick that can be burnt in a candle flame, and a coin.


1) Write out what you have loved & want to carry with you from 2021 into 2022. Place it in water and freeze it. (element of WATER) You can defrost and throw it away once we are in January 2022.

2) Hold your twig/stick in your right hand. Breathe out all of your old beliefs, patterns, habits, stuck energies, or whatever else you would like to release and clear. Breathe them into the stick, then burn the stick. (AIR & FIRE)

3) Take a coin. Hold it in between the palms of both hands, placing all of your energy of intention and creation into the coin. Hold your palms together in prayer 🙏 position in front of your heart centre/chest. Visualise and state your intentions as to what you are creating in 2022. State ‘I AM’. Use the present tense, and be positive. Then bury the coin into the earth, planting your seed .


⁣Do this for yourself and then do it a second time (do them separately) for the whole of the human race and Mother Earth.

I will go live on Instagram and share a video on how to do this ritual. Please let me know if you will be joining me in this practice? 

Let’s increase the light together. Let’s create abundance of love, laughter, joy, peace and balance in 2022. 

Just before I say goodbye, I am excited to announce that I have created a TikTok account and my first few videos explain how to connect to your guides and the beings of light. They are short videos to help you drop into the present moment, open your third-eye and connect. Please find and follow me. 

You may even notice that in some of my videos there are flashes of light. It is incredible how the angels make themselves seen and felt in my videos.

Sending you love and light.



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