This newsletter is for all the sensitive souls and empaths. I have some tools and insights to support you.

As we flow through January 2022 please take time to rest. Do not push yourself. This month is truly a time to focus on YOU. Many of us have spent time with family and friends over December, and now it is important to come back to you, and come back to a state of balance, peace and harmony.

When we spend a lot of time with others, we naturally pick up some of their energy. You may experience this as emotion, thoughts, habits or belief patterns. It may even affect you physically, leaving you with some discomfort in the body. 

Now is your time to come back to you, and this is how you can do it:

(And I’m not saying put it on airplane mode) actually switch it off for a full day and observe how much more energy you have.

 A day that you are going to dedicate to yourself. On this day you will only do things that make you feel happy within. E.g. take a long bath with essential oils and candles, go for a walk in nature, eat your favourite meal, listen to music that inspires you. This is your day.

If you have been around others and you can feel their emotions and beliefs within your energy field, then it’s time to clear it and come back to balance. Go outside, and start jumping, shaking, and sounding. Release their energy into the light. Take as long as you need to clear this. Once you have shaken, jumped and sounded… lie down and observe how much lighter you feel.

And your energy from other people’s energy. Visualise yourself in the centre of a deep blue ball of light. See and feel this strong blue ball of protection wrapping right around you. You are safe and protected within it. Now go hang out with friends and family and notice the difference. You will be less affected by their energy.

If you have an emotion that comes up, observe it and give it space to move through you. Avoid blaming others. Avoid pushing your emotions onto others. Give yourself the space that you need to process it. Emotions are healthy and they can pass through very quickly. So allow them to pass without any judgement.

You are not born to please others. You are here to be your own unique soul having a special human experience. Notice when you feel pushed and pulled by others and take a step back. Then ask yourself if you are doing things for yourself or for the other. It’s important to be love and have compassion, but it’s also important to respect your own energies and have the awareness of what resonates with you. Do more of what brings you joy.

Meditation can increase your frequency and light, leaving you feeling deeply connected to your soul.

Happy 2022, may yours be filled with love and light.



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