Recently I have noticed that there are more and more angels shining light on us. I asked my guides and guardian angel why this is happening and they explained that 2022 is a year of great change and when there is a lot of change there can be some big releases and healing, and this is why there are so many more angels here to support us.

We are not alone. We are deeply supported by our ancestors, angels, guides and the universe.

You may have already felt some shifts within yourself this year. This is a year for letting go of beliefs that are not yours. We can be influenced by other people’s opinions and energies. Once we hear something over and over, we can take it on and make it our own belief.

Now is the time to look within and recognise which beliefs are yours and which ones are inherited from society and older generations.

Take time today or over the next week to sift through your beliefs. Notice which ones are outdated and no longer serve you, and then set the intention that you are letting them go so that you can make more space for new beliefs. Your new beliefs can come from your soul. They are filled with light. They are inspirational and positive. They leave you feeling joyous and light.

I’ve created a meditation just for you! This meditation is to help you to connect with your soul so that you can feel inspired, light and receive new insights which will become your new beliefs. You will also feel the angelic support and love through this meditation.

With love and light,



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