I am filled with joy and great excitement to be connecting with you. I have been super charged with energy throughout September, and have been guided to create a monthly newsletter, as well as a Sacred Circle which is a high frequency circle of healing, channeling and meditation. 

My newsletters to you will be filled with insights, channeled messages, tools, advice and of course so much love. You know me… I am love with an angelic light. 

When I asked Spirit what I should share in my first newsletter, the answer came through loud and clear! Help others to raise their vibration.

So, what is vibration?

It is energy moving at various speeds creating electromagnetic waves.

These energetic waves can be high frequency, such as when you feel elated with feelings of joy, love, excitement; or low frequency when you feel sad, angry, frustrated or filled with fear.

When you are in a high vibrational state you are aligned with your soul, and life seems to flow with grace and ease. 

Here are 5 ways to raise your vibration and feel lighter:

  1. Eat a rainbow of raw vegetables and fruit. Nature knows. She holds a natural high vibration. When you eat something that is naturally grown, your little cells in your body sing with delight. I like to feel this joy deep within my cells. You may feel it too. It is like a buzzing or tingling sensation within.
  2. High vibe emotions through awareness. You choose. Yes, you do have a choice in how you feel. You can shift your emotional state through awareness. The subconscious patterns from your upbringing are often sending out signals into your environment which create your reality. By noticing what is happening in your outer world you become aware of your inner world. The tool here is to write down what you are currently attracting into your life: relationships, home, health, wealth, experiences. If you are struggling within your outer world, take this as a sign that healing and releasing needs to take place. There is something within you that is causing this. It could be an old belief or a story that no longer serves you. Give yourself time and space to find it. Once you have found it, change it. Change the story. Change the belief. You have the power to choose. Choose a narrative that brings you joy, happiness and bliss. If the belief is deep, you may need some support from a healer or a close friend.
  3. Thoughts are electric currents carrying information into the universe. They create. What you think is what you create into your life. So, notice if you are thinking thoughts that cause you to feel down, or if you are thinking thoughts that make you feel light. When a low vibe thought enters your mind catch it immediately, and send it into the cosmos, turning into light. 
  4. Your home is a living being. Declutter your home. You may have many things that you no longer need or use. Give them away to someone who may benefit from them. By clearing out your home, you are releasing stuck energy, making more space for energy and light to flow. By giving things away to someone else, you are receiving gratitude and a blessing too.
  5. The breath is spirit and spirit is light. Use this breathing tool to increase the amount of light that you hold within you. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath into your belly. Feel your belly relax and expand outwards. With your next deep breath, breathe in the light that surrounds you. Breathe it into every single cell. As you breathe out feel that light expand outwards into your aura/energy field. Continue breathing deeply and slowly, breathing the light in and out. After breathing this way for about 2-3 minutes, return to your natural breath and observe how much lighter you feel.
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