You Are a Tree

You’re probably wondering what a subject line like this actually means… and I am going to explain it through a channeled message from my guides: You are a powerful, strong, courageous, wise, old, beautiful tree.

Your roots run deep into the earth and your branches expand high within the cosmos. You are not a human. You are a being. You are what you are in each moment. You are the expression and the experience. Your inner beauty shines outwards as the wind touches your skin.

How to implement the tree wisdom into your life?

Look at your branches. Look at your leaves. Are you holding onto any old leaves that are ready to drop to the ground? Why hold onto them? Let them drop. As old leaves drop to the ground, they create nourishment for the earth. It’s the cycle of life and it’s ever continuing.

So don’t stand in the way of growth and evolution. Let go of the old leaves. Let go of the old thoughts that make you sad or mad. Let go of the anger or grudges that you may be holding onto. Let go of the habits that keep you stuck. YES! You are a beautiful wise tree, you know deep inside of you, what’s good for you. The here and now is good for you.

Let the past be the past. Be a flowering bright tree in the here and the now.

With love and light,


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