My Pre-Cancer & Seeing Beyond This Dimension

In this October newsletter, I share a recording about my pre-cancer awakening, which comes with a high-frequency light for your own healing & growth. AND, as the subject heading suggests, I am going to give you some tools to develop your own connection to the higher dimensions. Have a listen here to my most recent personal message from my heart & soul:

I believe that as we each work on releasing old energies, habits, beliefs and emotions, we make space for more light to enter. As more light enters you start to see/feel/experience beyond this dimension. 

Here are three ways in which you can develop your connection to higher dimensions:

 Lie down in nature and stare at the sky. While you’re lying on the earth you are absorbing electrons which balance your body and mind. While you stare at the sky something magical starts to happen. There is never nothing going on! There is so much energy and light moving in the sky. Don’t try to focus too hard. You’re gently gazing. Practice this a few times and you might start to see the world the way that I do. I see millions of tiny white lights moving in the sky. I also see colours flowing and buzzing. If you stare for a while you may even see the many different layers of colour, light and patterns. Have fun with it! It is there. With trust and patience you will see. Let me know if you do!

 The Etheric energy layer around your body is a clear, white/light-blue energy that shines around everyone and everything. It can also be seen as a fuzzy/grey energy around the body. The way to see it is by stretching your arm out in front of you and gaze at your hand and the area around it. Make sure that you have a white wall as your background. As you gently stare at your hand you may see the energy shining out from your fingertips or surrounding each finger. 

 The ocean of energy that unites and connects us all is a thick field of energy, light and information. When I was sitting with a friend in my living room talking about energy, angels and the universe, she started to see it. She had not seen it before and she described it as water. To me it looks and feels like a thick ocean of light and colour. It’s always moving. The way that you can see it is by staring into the space around you. You see it when you don’t put pressure on yourself to see it. So practice this when you’re relaxed and sitting on your sofa. Stare into the space all around you and just observe. Some people see it more easily at night, with a dim light or a few candles. 

Have fun experimenting, looking, and being. I can promise you that it IS there, and it’s waiting for you. 

Have a beautiful, peaceful and joyful October.


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