What Is In The Box?

This month feels like an expansion of energy. With expansion comes a connection to the universe. As you connect to the universe you are also connecting to your soul, and there are gifts for you to receive. I have channeled a 5-minute meditation to reveal to you what is in the box?

When I channeled the idea for this month’s newsletter I was walking quietly with my dogs on the beach. It was sunny and there was no one else in sight.

The next moment this meditation came flowing through me and my eyes automatically closed. I saw a box of light in front of me and as it opened many white doves flew out. One of them stopped and looked me in the eyes. She had deep eyes and her iris changed from yellow to blue.

She said to me: ‘I represent you. You are free. You are free to experience the infinite while you are in a body. Be free and see beyond.’

Then she took off and flew with the rest of the birds into the sky. That was my beautiful message, what is yours?

Share with me what is revealed to you in your box?

I would love for you to receive all the free meditations and channeled messages that I create and upload to my YouTube. Just recently I channeled a meditation to heal from depression, sadness and lower frequency emotions. Please share it with anyone who needs this healing support.


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