What Is Love? 💖 & How To Tap Into It?

Love is an ever-flowing current that moves within you, feeding health & vitality to every cell in your body. It heals, it clears, it balances and it inspires.

Love creates. Love is truth. Love is not an emotion but it can be experienced as energy in motion (e-motion). It lifts your spirit. It connects.

When you are in a state of love, all worries disappear, your body heals, you feel light, you feel inspired, and you feel connected to all. This frequency radiates outwards and touches others. The ripple effect is massive and the more people that are touched by love, radiate it too. It’s infectious.

I have seen pure love at work in my healing sessions. When someone tells me what they are going through, and I feel an overwhelming flow of love explode from my core, my client starts to heal.

Love has no conditions or expectations. It’s not something that be given or taken. It cannot be owned because it is your true nature. It’s your true vibration.

So how can you tap into love?

💖 When your mind goes to judge yourself or another, stop your mind and recognise things that you love.
💖 When you feel scared or fearful, remember that love is within you. Consciously choose love over fear.
💖 When you have an expectation of how something ‘should’ be or how someone ‘should’ be… choose love and let the expectation go. This opens you up to flow.
💖 Open your heart to compassion. Remember that every person has their own perception which is based on their previous experiences. Some of these experiences might have been very hard, therefore they are tainted. If you hold compassion for them, you give them a chance to heal.
💖 If there is someone who is triggering you, visualise pink light pouring down on them from the universe. Your triggers are your biggest teachers and you’ll keep attracting in these lessons until you learn to be love.

How can I integrate this into my life right now?

✨ Be more compassionate.

✨ Be kinder to yourself & all other souls.

✨ Acts of loving kindness.

And now we flow from love to… crystals. I have created a crystal quiz which will help you to find the best crystal to support you in your life right now.

Click below.

With love and light,


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