ONE ON ONE SESSIONS: Online and in-person

Intuitive Reiki Healing & Channeling     1 hour

A guided healing session where Natalie connects with your energy while channeling messages from Spirit. Natalie channels Reiki light to heal and balance your chakras and energy, as well as removing blockages or stuck energies. Many messages may come through and you will receive exactly what you need. This healing works on the body, mind, emotional & spiritual levels. 

Here are some of the things that you could experience: 

Chakra cleansing, balancing & realigning; clearing of emotional, mental or physical blocks; detoxification of the chakras; cutting cords; stimulating the energy system as a whole; releasing anxiety and stress; moving into a state of peace and relaxation of the body, mind & soul; spiritual guidance and support; connecting to your soul purpose; tools to help you on your healing journey; grounding; protection; and increasing your vitality, health and wellness.


Soul Regression Session    1hour

A guided visualisation/meditation where Natalie guides you into past lives, other dimensions and realms.  You will be shown exactly what your soul requires in order to heal and grow. This session helps you to heal and release any karma or stuck energy that may be holding you back in life. You may experience reconnection to your soul family, guides and the frequency of energy that you come from. You are able to look into your Akashic records, while Natalie channels. This is a healing, freeing and enlightening session. You may receive many messages from Spirit. If you are questioning why you are here on earth, and what lessons you hold within your energy system, then this session is for you. Soul regression helps you to understand yourself on your soul level, and clarifies why you are experiencing certain pains in the body, certain habits, or why you have particular beliefs, feelings and situations occurring in your life.


Generational Healing     1.5hours – 1hr45min

Not only are our physical features passed down from generation to generation, but we also unconsciously carry the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies of our ancestors too, and it is our responsibility to heal ourselves so that future generations can begin their incarnation with a clean, clear slate filled with opportunity and light. As we increase our own vibration through healing, we help the earth to increase her vibration too. This is a powerful healing to set you and your ancestors free from patterns, beliefs and energy that may be holding you back. We carry vibrational memory in our DNA, cells, chakra energy centres and electromagnetic field (aura). This session involves connecting with your ancestors to heal, clear and release habits, beliefs, patterns, triggers, unhealthy neural pathways and stuck energies.


Personal or Couple’s Intuitive Guidance Session

Channelled answers to your questions and guidance into how to move forward in your life. Natalie will channel exactly what you need. She connects with your soul which guides her to heal, balance and channel spiritual guidance and insights. She may be called to use tools, meditation, breathwork and reiki. You may ask many questions as she will channel the answers for you. This session can be personal or for a couple. It helps you to understand your soul, and for couples it brings a deeper understanding of how you each experience life on earth, how you function energetically as a couple, and opens you up to a deeper level of connecting through energy.


Eye to Soul mini reading

Beyond what you think in your mind, there is a deeper meaning to your existence as a soul here on earth. It is beyond personality; it is your Truth. These mini readings provide you with insight into your soul so that you can understand yourself better and open to your spiritual self while trusting your path. This is a window into your soul. Because Natalie is clairvoyant and intuitive, she can connect to your soul through a photo of your eye. You can ask one question too and she will channel insights. This reading is also a wonderful gift to help someone who may be looking for direction and connection to their Higher Self.


GROUP SESSIONS: Online and in-person

Feed Your Soul     1.5hr
A group session where we come together in meditation, connection and light. These sessions include energetic balancing, discussion and learning, channelling on a certain topic, tools and connecting to your soul. We feed our bodies every day. It is equally important to feed our souls. As we come together as a group, we raise our vibration and shine brighter together as a whole.


REIKI HEALING COURSES: Levels 1 to Masters online and in-person

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Blessings & Vow Renewals

With over 20 years of experience as a healer and guide, Natalie connects with the couple through love and can channel a beautiful ceremony for you. She performs water and earth rituals which connect the couple through nature. 

Natalie has an angelic quality and loves to celebrate love. She will create a personal ceremony tailored just for you. Natalie is happy to travel for these blessings.