AWAKENING TO THE CHAKRAS WORKSHOP – a one day workshop at Hotel Brio

You are reading about this workshop because your soul has guided you here.

Awakening to the Chakras is a gentle journey of self-discovery, healing and balance.  We will learn about the chakras, how to connect with them, and I will share techniques for releasing stuck energy, healing yourself and increasing your light!

The seven major chakras, or spinning vortices of energy, are an inward map that help us to understand ourselves better and give us direction on our ascension path. They are complex energy wheels that communicate with each other and with us, all we need to do is connect and listen.

I believe that experience, surrender and trust are key to learning therefore I teach through activities, exercises, practical and theory. You will be given information on which crystals, essential oils, foods and yoga poses that help to balance and heal each chakra.

As we move up through the chakras you will increase your vibration and light.

DEEPENING YOUR INTUITION – a one day workshop at Hotel Brio

Deep within us is a voice, vibration, guidance and knowing. We all have it because we are born with it. It is our spirit, our intuition, our all-knowing!

I can see, sense and feel what the body, mind and soul are communicating, and I have spent many years listening and trusting in this. I have been contemplating how I can share this with others, and like a flash of light, my intuition kicked in, I listened, and this workshop became a reality.

Deepening Your Intuition is a workshop where you will get to know your intuition, create a deep connection with your soul, and learn to expand and trust in its teachings. Through meditation, exercises, visualisations, readings, energetic connections, relaxation techniques, breathwork and theory, you will dive into truths that await.

You will be given many tools to continue on this path of deepening your intuition. The workshop is only one day, but the experience may be life changing.


Coming soon…. watch this space!