Reiki has existed since the creation of the Universe. It is encoded into the makeup of every living thing.  It is the universal energy that that flows through us all. We are born with the wisdom to heal and many of us feel a deep calling to deepen this awareness and connection.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) healing is an ancient healing that was rediscovered in the late 1800’s by a Japanese Buddhist, named Dr Mikao Usui. The Usui system of Reiki is a very powerful healing technique. Someone who has studied and been attuned to Reiki channels the energy through their crown, through their heart and out of their hands. The Reiki practitioner places their hands onto the recipient, or in their aura, and the healing energy flows. Reiki does not hurt, but a recipient may feel physical, mental, emotional or spiritual changes and growth as the healing takes place.

Rei means Universal, and Ki means energy. Universal Energy!

Reiki can help to shift blockages and stuck energy, as well as increase the recipient’s entire energetic vibration so that one feels healed, light and balanced. It is a holistic healing that works on the body, mind, emotions, chakras and soul.

What is the science behind it?

Atoms, molecules and ions are continuously moving around at varying speeds. Absolutely everything is made up of energy, meaning that these particles are also made from energy. This means that the things we think are solid are actually just energy moving at a slower speed. It all depends on frequency. Matter resonates at a lower and slower frequency than light or sound.

Our physical bodies and aura (outer layer/energetic layer that surrounds us) are also made up of energy vibrating at a particular frequency.

Thoughts are energy too and they can manifest positive or negative effects based on our intentions. Our intentions have the power to heal, create, manifest and love. This is why it is important to stay present and connect with our thoughts and intentions. We can create and heal with positive intentions.

So how does Reiki work?

The myofascial system, which links all parts of the body, sends light electrical currents to all cells. This is how the cells communicate with one another -through energy.

So we now know that energy carrying messages is constantly moving throughout our aura and physical body in the form of light. This light is everywhere and in everything, vibrating at different speeds.

The myofascial system has seven major points where there are more fascia and nerves. We also have three major nadis (rivers of energy). Where the three major nadis meet, and where there is a high volume of fascia, is where the seven major energy vortices, known as Chakras are formed.

Where there are more fascias, nerves and nadis, there is more energy. In most Reiki treatments the areas where the practitioner works the most, are the seven major chakras.

Reiki practitioners have strong connections to higher frequencies and are able to channel energy through their aura into their crown chakra,then the energy moves through their heart and out of their hand chakras and into the recipient’s body. The Reiki will then travel to exactly where it is needed. Reiki is divine wisdom and therefore knows how to heal, cleanse and balance.

Reiki practitioners are able to channel higher frequencies of conscious energy and observe where it needs to go in the recipient’s body, mind and soul.

The great thing about Reiki is that it is for everyone, there are no doctrines, religions or beliefs attached to it. Understanding it doesn’t really matter – all we need to know is that it works, whether you believe it or not. It is energy, it is light and it is true divine wisdom!