I am a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, Intuitive Therapist, Aura Healer, Yoga Teacher, and I work with Angels, crystals and divine light. I have been a healer since 1999 and knew from very a young age that I am here to spread the light. I want to share this gift with all who feel connected to my vibration and are ready to embark on their healing journey.

If you feel drawn to a Reiki healing one-on-one session, I offer one hour sessions at Hotel Brio, Playa Gigante. The one hour is purely for you to receive Reiki healing. After the session we chat about what you experience and anything that I may have picked up. Reiki means Universal Energy, and as a Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher, I have been attuned to bringing through a high frequency of light. I am intuitively guided where to work on your body and energy system.

I can only promise one thing – each session is completely unique and Reiki energy knows what needs to be healed and released. I hold space for this loving energy to pour through and guide me to support you through your healing.

A session can include many different aspects of healing, growth and change. Here are some of the things that you could experience: chakra cleansing, balancing & realigning, clearing of emotional or physical blocks, detoxification of the chakras, cutting chords, stimulating the energy system as a whole, releasing anxiety and stress, moving into a state of peace and relaxation of the body, mind & soul, spiritual guidance and support, tools to help you heal and grow.

If you live within the Playa Gigante, Nicaragua area, I am happy to travel to your home for your treatment. Please ask for pricing.