One word: Brilliant!! I am personally a big fan of this amazing soul that is Natalie Glass.

Fortunate to have known her over the past year first as a friend & neighbor, then as a client and later her student. Natalie is not only kind and caring she is also very gifted. It is evident that she has taken much time and effort in order to grow spiritually. Through my Reiki sessions with Natalie, I not only came alive again, I came to trust myself for the very first time – and in so doing found a love within I never thought possible. Many wonderful transformations have ensued since.

Natalie has guided me in the realization of the power of the universe to heal myself in mind, body and spirit & inspired me to do the same for others. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to take all three of the workshops offered. Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master Part A. Each course blessed with its own treasures that have forever enlightened me as well as equipped me with the necessary knowledge to shine my own light. Natalie is a non-judgmental passionate & patient teacher. I really loved her teaching method which entailed structure and a bit of magic, as well as sufficient time to practice all steps.

I especially appreciated all the personal touches that she added to her courses i.e WhatsApp Group with colleagues as a support system, which we still use to this day. I have already been using my new found tools & symbols as a practitioner and am so excited to see where the rest of my spiritual journey will take me. Much love and light to you Natalie as without you I would not be WOKE!

I strongly encourage anyone of willing disposition to seek out her reiki treatments and if feeling moved, take her well thought out workshops. You deserve it.

Natalie thank you for being you I am so grateful!

Ivana Cerni, Nicaragua

I had the pleasure of taking Reiki 1 and 2 with Natalie. It was truly a life changing experience. Natalie guides in a natural and intuitive way and is sensitive to her students and their needs. Learning from Natalie is powerful and I feel like the knowledge transmuted is powerful, clear and direct- from a person who practices and lives what she teaches and shares. She has a gift and teaches in a way that allows you to touch that wisdom directly! I would highly recommend. Thank you Nat and Namaste

Carly is Owner of Papaya Wellness

Natalie is a natural born teacher with the biggest heart and some very powerful healing hands. She is connected to the true source of universal energy and encourages and supports everyone she knows on their own spiritual path in life. She holds space unconditionally and all her teachings are expressed from her heart space. She is a fairy angel that understands that there is more to this life than what we perceive it to be and she is following her path by sharing her deepest knowledge and understanding with her students, clients, friends and family. She is a beautiful, true, divine soul and if you have the chance to work with her you will see that for yourself. I am forever grateful for the truths and openings she has brought into my life. Namaste Natalie!

So much peace and love to you my lil fairy angel friend! I am so proud of you and cannot see where this all takes you:)


Nicole, Yoga Teacher

I had been looking to become a Reiki Master for a long time and finally found the right teacher when my life crossed paths with Natalie. When you enter her space you feel her authenticity shines through. I had the pleasure of starting off with Reiki 1 and continued studying under Natalie for Reiki 2 and Masters 3a, which included Holistic Healing. Her extensive knowledge and intuitive healing skills come out through her teachings. Each class and level gives you more knowledge, understanding, practical use, and gratitude. Her genuine, caring, and inquisitive nature makes you never want to leave or stop learning. Each level is different and organically builds off the next one, with no pressure to continue past the level that’s right for you. Reiki 1 gives you the history, self healing hand positions, first attunement and the extra bit of Natalie’s own skills as a healer.  In Reiki 2 you receive your second attunement, learn how to heal others, dive deeper into yourself as a healer, and continue to learn more practical skills from her extensive toolbox. The ancestry and honor that comes with learning reiki is truly life changing and Natalie holds that space nobaly. With that being said studying Master level 3a & Holistic Healing gives you the confidence and space to develop yourself as a powerful Reiki Healer and more. If you have ever thought of learning reiki to heal yourself, explore your spirituality further, or begin a path as a light healer I could not recommend more coming to study under Natalie. It was an amazing experience that I am so grateful for, Much Love!!!

Khaki Wieters, Restaurant owner