What I want to share with you is that we have the ability to step back from our busy minds. We can become the observer. Watching the thoughts and feelings that continuously pass through our daily lives, and being aware that we are not these thoughts, but that we are something bigger, something greater, and most importantly, that we are not really separate. We are all One and all connected. Anything we do will affect the world around us. This helps us to become mindful of our thoughts and actions towards others and nature. We are so hard on ourselves and often find ourselves conforming to a way of life that doesn’t make us truly happy. I have discovered a way to help others to heal deep-rooted traumas, and see life as it is meant: To be gentle on yourself, light-hearted and live every moment as a meditation.

In 2014 I traveled to Sri Lanka to partake in a 10-day silent retreat, otherwise known as Vipassana Meditation. This was one of the most challenging experiences I have ever surpassed. On arrival my mobile phone, pen, paper, books, money and passport were put into a safe in the main office, and I was given a piece of paper with a number scribbled on it. The elderly Sri Lankan gentleman told me I will get everything back at the end of the ten days of silence. I was then taken to my bed. It was one of twelve in a female dorm. There was a shared bathroom with one toilet and two showers with only cold water. It was then explained that I will be living like a nun and was to follow the five precepts*.

* 5 precepts: To abstain from killing; to abstain from stealing; to abstain from sexual activity; to abstain from telling lies; to abstain from all intoxicants. There are an additional 3 precepts for returning students: To abstain from eating after midday; debatable topics for college students to abstain from sensual entertainment & bodily decorations; to abstain from using a high luxurious bed.

The silence started soon after this conversation.  There were about eighty other people attending this retreat, but I felt totally alone. We had to avoid all contact including eyes and any forms of body language. It felt as if everyone was cold and withdrawn, and this lack of outside engagement forced me to look within. The first five days were tough. I had so much going through my mind and therefore struggled with the ten hours of daily meditation. At the end of each day we watched a discourse by Mr. S. N. Goenka. These spiritual teachings helped me get through each day.

On day five, in the evening meditation, I broke down in tears. My whole body was shaking and I could not control the emotion. I went behind the room to see the teachers. They sang & prayed, and held space for me to release and heal. One of the main occurrences when you observe your mind so deeply is that you notice patterns and habits, and then you allow them to come to the surface and be released. The feeling of total freedom from the mind and inner contentment is what this retreat bought to me. It was such a profound experience that I found myself doing a second one in Costa Rica only eight months later.

I dedicated the year 2015 to studying and broadening my knowledge and healing abilities. I moved to Costa Rica for the first half of the year, where I completed a 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher Training Course, followed by an intensive Healing Therapy Earth Cycle. With these new teachings, as well as all my previous learning’s and practices, I can now offer an Intuitive Healing Therapy session that encompasses a holistic approach ensuring my clients receive exactly what they need: balancing, grounding, deep healing, centering, channeling, chakra alignments and a new perspective to life. My approach is that I would like to help as many people as possible to find inner contentment and peace that exists within us all.