You can transcend anything that life sends your way. If you totally allow each and every experience to be lived fully, then you allow closure and you can be freed. We have the ability to live life fully. We do this by being present and allowing each moment to just be as it is.

By surrendering to the imperfection of reality, we realise that life is the way that it is because that is what We/Existence/Consciousness need.

To live a holistic life means to accept that life is constantly changing and there will always be highs and lows. Rather than clinging to the highs and rejecting the lows, come to a deeper understanding that all you need to do is be present in each moment. By staying aware, you are able to observe all feelings, sensations, emotions and thoughts. Becoming the observer helps you to notice traits that you may be ready to release and heal, as well as bringing an inner calm because all the dramas start to feel a little distant, and have less impact on your life.

You are what you are experiencing right now~ We are Consciousness having continuous moments of many different experiences. Just observe each one. There is nowhere to go. There is nothing to do. There is no-one to become. There is no goal, as all that exists is this moment. Stay present and enjoy the here and now.

If you are finding it hard to be present, ask yourself:  What is the root/essence that is stopping me from being in the now? The answer will give you the key to release and heal.

Our bodies communicate with us. Through reiki and aura healing, I can help you to find out what is happening within your body, what passed traumas are being held at the deepest level of your cells and DNA. The past affects your life. It steers your reactions without your awareness. It is these reactions that keep attracting certain people and situations into your life. We all get to a point in our lives where we know deep inside that something is stuck and life is shouting at us to address whatever it is that is holding us back.

I hope that some of my advice above will help bring you into the present, so that you are able to begin your inner journey to being whole, happy and living life to its fullest. That is our birthright.