Let’s see where you are at, and what areas in your life you would like to work on?

Draw a circle or download the blank image.
Divide the circle into 8 segments.
Write the following words in each segment. (one word per segment)

Home environment
Physical activity
Family relations
Social relationships

Now sit quietly and contemplate each segment. Place a dot on the line of each segment. The dot represents where you feel you are at in your life right now.

If you place the dot towards the outside of the circle, this indicates contentment and happiness.

Placing the dot towards the centre of the circle shows that you may have work to do, or changes to make in this part of your life.

Once you have drawn all 8 dots for each segment, join the dots.

Now look at the shape you have created.

You can see where healing, changes, releases and work may be beneficial, as well as areas of your life exhibiting personal freedom, happiness and contentment.

This is a good exercise for examining your own life and taking positive steps to making changes where they are needed.


Click here to download a blank image.