Natalie’s gift in life is to heal others. She could deeply connect to my body through reiki and feel where my blockages were. Once released I felt like a different person and my body felt in-tune. I deeply thank her for this.

Kelly Maxwell – Mathematics Teacher

Natalie has a wonderful vibrant energy that raises the vibrations of those around her. I know she will bring this energy into her workshops and because of this they will be very special.

Margaret Merrison, SW England – Spiritual Teacher

Natalie is a compassionate practitioner, who lovingly guides others to awaken their inner light.

Chalah Dean, Canada – Holistic Therapist

Natalie completely helped me refocus my energy after my Reiki session – her methods and delivery provided me with the tools to start cleansing my soul/spirit and taught me positive actions to project into my life.

Natasha Guthrie – Senior Marketing Executive

Natalie is someone who has a really great ability to help pinpoint the cause of an underlying issue and then work together with you through a range of methods to understand how to move forward. Very insightful and highly recommended!

DP from London

My attunement with Natalie was a life-changing experience. I’ve had reiki in the past but never anything this powerful. Together we played in a higher dimension and for hours, days, even weeks after I was buzzing. It was a turning point in my life and I can’t wait to be in the same city as her to do it again. Just being around Natalie is uplifting and positive. She is an incredible person and an enchanting presence.

Orit Tashman

I met Natalie in Costa Rica – PURA VIDA – (pure life) could be totally a name for this amazing, sparkling woman! She is shining when you walk into a room, and her energy is shooting like fireworks, like you have never felt or seen before.

Christa De Ruijter, Stewardess